Bandung Shopping Guide

Bandung Shopping Guide

Bandung is very popular and known as a shopping city, or Kota Wisata Belanja. There are many lots of shopping spots in Bandung. Bandung Shopping the right place for shoppers where you can find and buy clothes, shoes, handbags and souvenirs in Bandung. Since Bandung has otonomy right to build their own city, they now build lots of shopping center, The fashion stores now grow so fast, they sell various stuff like quality clothes, and rejected export products which is alot cheaper rather then the price in the malls. You also can find Distro (distribution outlets). Distro is an interesting place to shop in Bandung because they produce their own fashion design which is very unique and cannot be found in other shopping place. There are also several factory outlet shops around Bandung. The shops are mainly found along the streets of Juanda (known as Dago area), Cipaganti area, Martadinata Street (known as Riau) and Cihampelas street. Bandung Shopping is one of the primary attractions for Indonesians visiting Bandung. The other reason is culinary food.

Where to Shop in Bandung?

* Alun-alun area (city square) is surrounded by shopping centers, particularly on Dalem Kaum Street. Facility: Shopping center (available for bargain), food court, mosque.

Cihampelas Bandung

Bandung Shopping GuideCihampelas or popular called as The Street of 1001 Jeans is best known for jeans. You can find denim (jeans) stores along the street. Here you can buy literally any type as well as any size of jeans, in addition to a very large selection of casual wear, all at very reasonable prices. The jeans here are mostly copies. The shops here boast huge fantastical statues of comic book or movie characters on their roofs and shop fronts such as Superman, Goku, Rambo and others.

Cibaduyut Bandung:

Bandung Shopping GuideIf you have sometime to explore shopping in Bandung, you can try to go to Cibaduyut. Cibaduyut is the center of shoe sellers. The statue of two bronze shoes at the beginning of the street conveys it all: shoes of all sorts and sizes make up the bulk of what this street sells. If you are keen on shoes and like a bargain, Cibaduyut street will both satisfy your feet as your wallet. To get there, either take a taxi or hop on one of the angkots that states Cibaduyut, and get off past the shoe statue. Most of the branded shoes might not be the real thing even though, many still are of good quality and it is hard to tell if it concerns the real thing or not. Other than that most shoes are Indonesian brands, again of good enough quality and economically priced.

* Factory outlets: Mostly Factory outlets are concentrated along the streets of Juanda (Dago), Cipaganti, and Martadinata (Riau). You can just walk along the streets. Such as The Summit Factory Outlet and Herittage Factory Outlet which are located at Martadinata (Riau) Street. Just ask away how to get there.

* Distros (Distribution Outlets) are a new phenomenon in Bandung where a shop sells stylish products that were made by local designers. They are served as a distribution store, because these local designers do not have their own marketing label yet. One thing that makes distros stand out from factory outlet is that distros come from individual designers and young entrepeneurs, while factory outlet products come from a garment factory.
Some of Bandung distros: EAT, Jl. Trunojoyo 4, Invictus, Jl.Pager gunung 13 and Jl.Trunojoyo 6 also you can check their website Ouval Research, Jl. Buah Batu 64, No Label, Jl. Sumatra 24, etc.

Note: be careful when buying in distros as the prices are increasing to a level almost the same as at boutique shops.

Mall and Shopping Center in Bandung :

Bandung ELectronic Centre (BEC)
Purnawarman Street
Facility: Electronic, Computer & Hand phone retails, food court.

Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP)
Merdeka Street
Facility: Shopping center, food court, cafe, cinema

Bandung Super Mall (BSM)
Gatot Subroto Street
Facility: Shopping center, food court, cafe, cinema

Naripan Street
Facility: Facility: Electronic retails, food court

Braga City Walk
Braga Street
Facility: Shopping center, food court, cafe, cinema

Bandung Trade Center (BTC)
Pasteur Street
Facility: Shopping center (available for bargain), Food court

Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk)
Cihampelas Street
Facility: Shopping center, food court, cafe, cinema, billiard, nightlife

Hyper Square
Pasirkaliki Street
Facility: Outdoor Food court, discotheque, FO, Ruko

IBCC (Istana Building Commodities Center)
Ahmad Yani Street
Facility: Electronic center, Food court

Istana Plaza
Pasirkaliki Street in Pajajaran area
Facility: Shopping center, Food court, Cafe, Ice skating

ITC Kebon Kelapa
Moh. Toha Street, Pungkur are
Facility: Shopping center (available for bargain), Food court

Kings Shopping Center
This is a very popular shopping spot for local shoppers
Kepatihan Street
Facility: Shopping center (available for bargain), Food court, Cinema

It is one of old shopping center in Bandung
Dalem Kaum Street
Facility: Shopping center (available for bargain)

Paris Van Java Mall
Sukajadi Street
Facility: Shopping center, Food court, Cafe, Cinema

Pasar Baru
Otto Iskandar Dinata or known as Otista Street
Facility: Shopping center (available for bargain), Food court

Planet Dago
It's in front of Indmaret supermarket, there you can find a popular Cafe "O la la"
Juanda Street, Dago area
Facility: Shopping center, Bowling, Food court, Cafe

Plaza Dago
There you can find many of mobile/cellphone sellers
It's also near to the popular mall in Bandung, BIP.
Facility: Shopping center, Cafe, Food court, Karaoke, Billiard

Cihampelas Street
Facility: Shopping center, Food court

Below are some interesting places and shops to find or buy souvenirs and arts.

Saung Angklung Udjo
It is my favorite one, there you can watch show performance of sundanese dance and culture
Padasuka Street 118

The Summit Boutique Outlet
Riau Street 61 Bandung
Phone: (022) 4221001

Parijs Van Java Gallery

Braga Street 48-V
Phone: (022) 4212525

Pigura Modern Galeria

Ir H Juanda Street 62
Phone: (022) 4205195

Risera Gallery Souvenir

Lengkong Besar Street 64-B

Elina Ceramics
Pramuka Street

Sin Sin Souvenir & Antique Shop
Braga Street 59

Gallery Fotografi
BKR Street 78
Black Cat
Braga Street 11

Yayasan Bhakti Budaya
Papanggungan Street 72
Phone: (022) 7310992
Afrika 65

Rainbow Souvenir Shop
Sukajadi Street 168-170

Wisma Taruna

Phone: (022) 4237343
Tassel Gallery

Rereng Wulung Street 29

Phone: (022) 2508600

TS 90 Galeri

Taman Sari Street 90
Phone: (022) 2513434

Kalingga Souvenir & Antique Shop

Junjunan Street 128

Farta Forte
Nyengseret Street 18

Gallery and Boutique in Bandung

Galeri 16
Cibeureum Street 16

Galeri Kita
RE.Martadinata Street 209

Galeri Win Art
Mangga Street 36

Batik Keris
Tamblong Street 64

Badjoe Batik
Jendral Sudirman Street

Batik Danar Hadi
Sukajadi Street 119

Babe Butik
Telaga Bodas Street 55

Baleza Butik
Ir.H.Djuanda Street 131

Tirta Jaya Batik
Prof.DR.Surya Sumantri Street 6C

Museum Barli
R.Prof.DR.Sutami Street

Mab Butik
Prof.DR.Surya Sumantri Street 6C
Best Boutique
Lengkong Kecil Street 74

Blue Moon Boutique
Jend. Sudirman Street 75

Carla Boutique
Jamika Street 41

Celcius Butik
Naripan Street 62

Chance Boutique
Komp, Kopo Plaza BI D/B

Rumah Nusantara
Gegerkalong Street 147

Azzalea Shoes
Naripan Street 62

Galeri Jeihan
Cibeunying Selatan Street

Chalisa Boutique
Rajamantri Mantri Street 11/2

Fan Italian Butik
Terusan Martanegara Street 9

Rumah Payung Nyoman
Setrasari Street

Well, that's all I know. I hope this bandung shopping guide will be useful for you..
I will add more information when I have some.

Happy Shopping :)

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List Of Hotel In Bandung

List Of Hotel In Bandung

Have you ever traveled to Bandung? if you have you probably have found your own favorite places to stay. For new visitors, no need to worry, you will find lots of Hotel in Bandung. Bandung is one of interesting place to visit in Indonesia because Bandung is popular for shopping. Bandung shopping is so fun since there are lots of factory outlets. Bandung factory outlets sell up-to-date fashion, handbags, and so on. Bandung also very popular as for those who like culinary food. If you visit Bandung in the weekend it will be very crowded and hard to get a room in hotel in Bandung. If you plan to visit Bandung in the weekend, you will need to book a room at least one week before. If you come to Bandung during business day, you will not have any problem to get a room.

The hotel in Bandung have different rates for business day and weekend. It will be more expensive in the weekend, several hotel even charge double for the weekend and holidays. The rates are various, it depends on the facilities and stars of the hotel. There you can find 3 stars to 5 stars hotel. If you don't have lots of fund, you also can find cheap hotels. Cheap hotel Bandung can be found anywhere, you just need sometime to explore.

Below are several hotel in Bandung, if you have enough time you better explore them first to find the best of your interest.

List of Hotel in Bandung
Hyatt Regency
Jl.Sumatra 51

Horison Hotel
Jl.Pelajar Pejuang 45
Grand Preanger Hotel
Jl.AsiaAfrika 81/41
Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel
Jl.AsiaAfrika 112

Sheraton Bandung Hotel
Jl.Ir.H.Juanda 390
Grand Aquila
Jl.Dr.Junjunan 116
The Ardjuna Hotel Santika Hotel
Holliday Inn
Jl.Ir.H.Juanda 31-33
Novotel Hotel
Jl.Cihampelas Bawah
Malya Hotel Geulis Hotel
Jl.Ir.H.Juanda 129
Patra Jasa Hotel
Kedaton Hotel
Jl.Suniaraja 14
Sari Ater Hotel
Topas Galery Hotel
Jl.Dr.Junjunan 153
Papandayan Hotel
Jl.Gatot Subroto 83
Jayakarta Hotel
Jl.Ir.H.Juanda 381A
Panghegar Hotel
Jl.Merdeka 2
Nalendra Hotel
Jl. Cihampelas 225-229 Bandung, 40131
Progo Hotel
Jl.Progo 6 Bandung
Phone. 022 420 6249
Price: Rp.200,000
Royal Dago Hotel
Jl.Ir. H Juanda 169
Bali World Hotel
Jl.Soekarno Hatta 713 Bandung
Ph. +62.22.7332088 Fax. 62.22.7309402
Price: Rp.355.000 - Rp.675.000
Naripan Indah
Jl.Pelajar Pejuang 45 No.35
Hotel Gandasari
Jl. Seram No 3 Bandung 40115
Phone. 022 - 4200518
Fax. 022-4232114
Price: Rp. 375,000 - Rp. 900,000
Bukit Dago
Ir.H. Juanda Street 311 Bandung
Riau Hotel
Jl RE Martadinata 191
Price: Rp.150,000
Utari Hotel & Rest
Jl Ir H Juanda 50
4200805, 4200806
Anggrek Hotel
Jl.RE.Martadinata 15
Istana Hotel
Jl. Lembong No.44 Phone:(022)4233025
Karmila Hotel
Jl. Juanda (Dago)
Phn: +62 22 420 6778
Price : Rp.260,000
Cemerlang Hotel

Apartment In BandungRoom Rate:
The Majesty Apartment hotel Bandung, Indonesia

Jl. Surya Sumantri No. 91, Bandung, 40164
Phone: +62-22-2002485/2015483
Fax : +62-22-2015438

I forgot where I put the document of the Majesty Apartment rates, but a year ago I stay there for 6 months.

The rate for six monts was 25 million Rupiah, and 5 million rupiah per months.

The rates probably have changes, can be higher or cheaper since they build a new apartement in Dago area.

Grand Setiabudhi Apartment

Jl. Setiabudhi No. 130 Bandung
Phone: +62-22-2044002
Fax : +62-22-2044004

Studio 1 Room:
Rp 350,000,- W/Day
Rp 400,000,- W/End
Rp 1,850.,000,- /Week
Rp 4,300,000,- /Month

Executive 2 Room + Living Room:
Rp 700,000,- W/Day
Rp 750,000,- W/End
Rp 7,700.000,- /Month

Galery Ciumbuleuit Apartment

Jl. Ciumbuleuit No. 42 Bandung
Phone: +62-22-82062000
Fax : +62-22-82062005

* Please make contact to the hotel for more information. The price listing is not exhaustive
Studio 1 Room:
Rp 350.000,- W/Day
Rp 400.000,- W/End
Rp 1.850.000,- /Week

Executive 2 Room + Living Room :
Rp 700,000,- W/Day
Rp 750,000,- W/End
Rp 3,750.000,- /Week
Rp 7,700.000,- /Month

Setramurni Apartment

Jl. Setramurni 1A no 9 Bandung
contact : 62-8164871771/62-81320652262
e-mail :

Rate :
Rp. 300,000.-/day for one bedroom

Rp. 400,000.-/day for two bedroom

* Please make contact to the hotel for more information. The price listing is not exhaustive

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